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Consulting and software engineering company. We are ready partners and experts in Odoo. 

#OdooExperience 2019

Why is Odoo different? 

It is fully integrated and cover all the needs and processes of your company, even the most complex ones. Its flexibility allows adding apps one at a time, whenever your company needs it. There is a specific app for every need.

It is an open source community with a large developer base. Therefore, Odoo apps are the most current and innovative in the market.

The user experience is fluid and simple in order to ensure a natural and fast adaptation to the system. The integrated Odoo Apps make 3 million users happy. Do you want to be one of them?


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Why is Nubistalia the best partner?

We are a recognized Odoo partner. We have a long and successful experience working with enterprise software, we have clients in Europe and Latin America, offering a comprehensive implementation service.

We start by analyzing our client's needs and then delivering a solution approach, technical training, planning and support when the project kicks off.

You can count on our technical team to make modifications and customizations to ensure a correct implementation, the appropriate apps for the client’s needs, and with technical support when necessary.

The main premises of our projects are simplicity, speed and at the lowest possible cost.

            4 million users grow their business with Odoo

            Unleash your growth potential with Nubistalia and Odoo